19 Apr 2009

WIP: Heavy Bolter Teams + Converted Cadians

Hello again guys. So... Heavy weapon teams. I have to admit, I did try the diagram I drew on my previous Planning post. It ended up rather fail - then again, my compass wasn't designed to take a hobby knife... I got the two circles of plasticard out ok, but then had to cut out the base for the models as well. In the end, it ended up looking a bit messy and had taken me four hours... not an efficient use of time. So, I plumped for 40mm bases (because I have tons of them) and I think they turned out quite well. In the end, I'm only likely to play friendly games anyway. If someone has a problem with that, I can just plump the whole model on a 60mm circle for measuring purposes.

So here they are:

I apologise for the bad picture quality - my camera cut out half-way through the shoot. That means you don't get to see the other sergeant and flamer guy to the right of that picture or the way the rifle-armed models on the hw teams are magnetised so can be removed for wound-counting.

I also have these guys:

They're being prepared for the ATTENTION! Contest started by Equinox over on his blog.

The rules demand mostly GW models (though conversion is ok), and that the squad be a legal choice in the new codex. I'm pretty sure these guys should be ok: 10 men, sergeant, grenade launcher and vox. They're missing three heads, but they will be attached when my next pig iron order comes through.

As I have a grand total of 30-odd cadians, I'm thinking I'll buy some spare heads and get neck twisting. They will be a platoon attached to my main army from a different Helghan battalion to explain the difference in uniform.

Cheers guys!